Christmas trio of eagles

The time has come to reveal the identity of the trio of eagles from Oman featuring in my Christmas card and reproduced again here.
The star bird in the center is an adult Eastern Imperial Eagle, the one on the left is a juvenile Greater Spotted Eagle and the top right one is an immature Steppe Eagle. The adult Imperial is a very dark, almost black bird, with a Golden Eagle-like head. Note the rectangular and parallel-edged wings and the fine and regular barring to tail and wings, which Goldens don’t show. The juv GSE on the left is a shorter-winged, more compact eagle, which is easy to id. in good lighting conditions, as here, by its bi-coloured underwing, with blackish coverts contrasting with glossy, grey fligh-feathers and a darker wing-tip. Steppe Eagles could be tricky, when shown as blurred as here, but the retained broad and white underwing band is a diagnostic feature.

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