Typos and errors, updated May 18th, 2019

Please, note the following amendments:

-page 24, the image was taken in 2010, not 2009.

-page 52, image 6, there is a reference to image 4, should be to image 5 (for comparison of the upperparts)

-page 133, image 192: the left hand bird is the same as 190, and the right hand bird the same as 191.

-page 139, image 202 has a reference to AFE1, AFE1 should be replaced with 201

-page 407, image 801, the correct date is 12.12.2012

-page 340, image 651 has a reference to 650, should be to image 649

-page 511, image 1029 was taken in Gibraltar, not Spain as stated.

Martial Farine (thanks!) has reported two more issues on Mar 10th:

-page 43, the text in the right hand column appears to end abruptly, without continuing on the following page. However, it continues in fact in the LEFThand column of the same page with the words “Common Buzzards involved…”. Undoubtedly an strange solution for the layout.

-page 373 (Steppe Eagle), under “Variation” the word monotypic is spelt “montypic” four lines into the text.

Stratis Psaradellis has reported the following: Caption to image 438 on page 252 says “Pallid Harrier Circus macrourus, older adult female. Note diagnostic light trailing edge to hand and dark primaries with one lighter band.” Should, of course, be “…dark secondaries with one lighter band.”  Thanks, Stratis!


Marc Duquet, who is working on a French translation of the book, has made a great job and found the following errors:

-page 511, already referred to above, the date should be 28 of Feb, not March, which is shown in the EXIF data of the image.

-page 503 (Merlin), under “Moult” is written ” complete mouth..”, should be “moult”.

-page 38,  table 1 in Ian Newton’s article has an error. Bottom figure in the first column should be 1, not 10 (cf. second line of text under the table).

The electronic ePub version

-Greater Spotted Eagle, fulvescens-variety. In plates 804 and 805 the image for plate 804 has been duplicated in 805. Thus, plate 804 and its caption are correct, but while the caption for 805 is correct the right image can be found in the printed copy of the book.

-Lanner Falcon The images of the first two plates (1027 and 1028) have been mixed up. The images will appear in the right order, but the captions have been switched. The small image of a bird seen from below is the one from Spain, while the side view of a close bird is from Oman (the latter individual being repeated in plate 1032).


Only just noticed (12 May,  2019) another misprint in the ePub version. Image 936 in Red-footed Falcon is not the correct picture, as it shows an adult male, in fact the same as correctly depicted in plate 940. Thus, while the caption is OK the corresponding correct image for 936 can currently be found only in the printed book. Sorry for this.

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